JBMS Study Program

Learning is easy, delightful and successful with the JBMS method.

• JBMS provides everything you need to prepare for a beautiful Bar/Bat Mitzvah service in nine months. No previous Hebrew or religious school is necessary. 

The JBMS Student Book

Each pupil receives a JBMS study guide for excellent learning.

• Pupils receive Individual tutoring from an expert JBMS mentor.

• Students learn all the Hebrew prayers, Torah chanting, and English readings for their service. 

• JBMS pupils learn to read Hebrew fluently in just eight weeks.

• We guide the student for a meaningful speech (Derashah) of important ideas and Jewish values found in the Torah portion. 

• Your youngster will also learn to project the Hebrew prayers and English readings at their service with confidence and feeling.

• JBMS enables each pupil to phone in their daily prayer practice with our special 'call in' system. When students call in their Hebrew prayers regularly, they learn much faster, feel great about their progress and are amazing at their service. Call 818-340-4450 and press 2 to hear.

 Phone or email us to learn more about the JBMS study program.