Register login   home aims and scope how to submit an article eur rev med pharmacol sci 2009; 13 (5): 351-356 cryptorchidism and its long-term complications s. La vignera, a. viagra cost E. generic viagra online Calogero, r. viagra or viagra for sale Condorelli, a. Marziani*, m. buy viagra online germany A. viagra for sale Cannizzaro*, f. Lanzafame**, e. viagra or viagra for sale Vicari andrology and reproductive endocrinology unit, garibaldi hospital, university of catania (italy) *endocrine surgery unit, s. Luigi hospital, university of catania (italy) **territorial center of andrology, a. U. viagra prescription charges S. L. 8, syracuse (italy) endocrinology free download full text pdf cryptorchidism is the most frequent defect of the male urogenital tract at birth. It represents a risk factor for primitive testiculopathy associated with long-term complications (infertility, testicular neoplasia, and hormonal changes). An only consensus exists: “children with bilateral cryptorchidism who are not treated in early age are certainly set to become infertile”. The majority of authors agrees that the cryptorchid testicle will be in for structural and functional alterations and the rate of infertility is inversely proportional to the age at the time of orchidopexy. Cryptorchidism causes secretory primitive testicular pathology responsible for infertility. It is correlated to a non-specific severe histopathological pattern that can be useful to predict future infertility at the moment of orchidopexy. Also cryptorchidism represents the major risk factor associated with germ cell testicular neoplasia (5-10 times more probably than a normal testicle) due to genetic, hormonal, environmental factors. Corresponding author: alessia marziani, md; e-mail: alessiamarziani@yahoo. It print id: ermps-660 to cite this article s. La vignera, a. E. Calogero, r. viagra pills Condorelli, a. Marziani*, m. viagra or viagra for sale A. Cannizzaro*, f. generic viagra Lanzafame**, e. Vicari cryptorchidism and its long-term complications eur rev med pharmacol sci year: 2009 vol: n: 13 pages: 351-356 browse articles by year 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 your cart you don't have any items yet. buy viagra Subscribe now online edition » printed edition » forthcoming articles accepted for publication on the european review for medical and pharmacological sciences but not published yet. View forthcoming articles » editors and editorial board search all articles enter any keyword that appears in authors, title, keywords or abstract of the article that you are looking for   is. viagra for women 2009 buy viagra online yahoo

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